About us
Our history
It all started in 1995.
Greengold Nursery is a locally owned and operated garden nursery on the northern edge of Nicholls, Canberra. It is run by Kieron Hart and his team of qualified horticulturists.

The nursery was originally developed to service the expanding suburbs of Gunghalin and existing suburbs in the Belconnen area, coupled with the passing tourist trade that is attracted to the area.

The nursery has evolved a lot over the years, and today it provides a wide range of plants, garden supplies, and gift ware. Greengold Nursery caters for gardeners of all ages, and for all sizes of gardens – from large rural blocks to balcony gardens.

We are passionate about gardens, and what they can bring to a person’s life.
It can be an enormous estate or a small courtyard setting. Whatever the scale, a garden is a form of expression. It’s a place that exhibits the personality of its maker.

The concept of “Dream, Create, Live” is quite simple. Your dream is your idea, or a vision, of how you want a garden to look and feel. You then create it with the materials required. And finally, you live in this space that you have established.

We at Greengold are very excited by the prospect of helping people achieve a certain desired appearance or feel in their gardens.

Our people
Kieron Hart  |  Owner + Horticulturalist

I have always had a great interest in the natural world, and in particular plants. After many years of travelling and working in various horticultural jobs I undertook an Associate Diploma in Horticulture. After my studies I ran a garden maintenance business for a few years, then in 1995, at the age of 30, I opened the nursery. I am proud to say I’m still loving it 25 years later. Working with plants and plant loving people is fantastic. I work with a great team, and over the years I have met many people as customers and staff, whom I can say have become friends.

I really enjoy the diversity of seasons in the nursery, and love the new arrivals during different times of the year. My favourite plant is the Japanese Maple, and my favourite flower is the daffodil.

Outside of work I enjoy gardening at home, fishing and spending time down the south coast of New South Wales.

Mitch Jenkins  |  Nursery Assistant + Horticulturalist
I am a keen horticulturalist with a passion for all things garden related. I’ve completed a Certificate III in Production Nursery Horticulture, and I have been working at Greengold Nursery since 2012. Within the horticulture industry, some of my main interests range from classic English gardens to modern contemporary landscape designs, as well as bonsai and viticulture.

Outside of the nursery, I love golf and football, music, art and food. I’m keen on the outdoors, and when I can I like to get away and explore new places. I like seeing what nature has to offer in different parts of Australia and the world. If I had to choose a favourite plant, it would be Sequoia sempervirens, the Coast Redwood.

Image of Blake Ferri

Blake Ferri |  Nursery Assistant + Horticulturalist

I was drawn to pursuing a career in the horticultural industry based on my interests in the living world and the health benefits that come from the “fruits of your labour”, which is both good for the body and the mind.

I’m passionate about pursuing a happy and healthy life and one of the best ways to achieve both goals is to work in the horticultural industry. I receive a great deal of satisfaction in working with plants and plant loving people and the labour of gardening is always a labour of love.

My favourite plant is the tomato plant cause it’s easy to grow and you get something out of it which is always a bonus!

Jacqueline Jenkins  |  Nursery Assistant + Horticulturalist
I have been interested in plants since I was six years old. After a somewhat ambivalent time as a preschool teacher, I finally did something about my love for plants and went and got a Bachelor of Horticulture from Charles Sturt University at Wagga Wagga.

I am blessed to have two wonderful part-time jobs in horticulture: I thoroughly enjoy my work at Greengold Nursery (love the customers, love the plants) and I also teach Horticulture at CIT. My favourite colours in the garden are blue, mauve, purple, pink, red, magenta and white. I pretty much love all flowers, but if I was forced to pick a favourite I would choose the electric-blue Delphinium because I just adore the colour.

Jo Fountain  |  Nursery Assistant + Horticulturalist

I joined the Greengold Nursery team in 2013 and since then I have completed a Certificate II in Horticulture. I appreciated being able to study and work on a part time basis to complete my qualifications. It enabled me to be hands on in the areas I am passionate about.

With a delightful husband and three precious daughters, I feel very blessed.

When I am not at Greengold Nursery, you will most likely find me tinkering in my own garden – just ask my neighbours. I also have a love for cooking, hosting dinner parties with family and friends, and when I have some extra time I also enjoy reading Country Style magazines.

For me it is too difficult to name just one plant that would be my favourite, instead I would like to share my love of formal gardens with hedging and symmetry. I love the beauty and elegance of formal landscaped designs. It is relaxing, peaceful and calming.

See you at the nursery.

Portrait of Fran Karsten

Fran Karsten |  Nursery Assistant

I’ve been obsessed with collecting plants, feathers and bugs from yards since I was little, and Greengold simply validates the excitement I still have for those things as an adult.

Art has also been another big interest of mine, and throughout my Bachelor’s at ANU in 2017-2019 I used my own pressed flowers and houseplants to inspire colourful botanical pieces.

Additionally I like playing with my two budgies Sunny and Bean, building my cottage garden, or just enjoying a cup of tea in the sun.

My favourite plant is a simple one – the Marguerite daisy! I am however partial to the entire Asteraceae family. They look delicate but can survive all kinds of conditions, and that’s something I strive for too.

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